Flower Rings ~ Flowing Into Creative Connections

For months I’ve been collecting the negative part of the flower cutouts that I sawed from sterling silver sheets to make the flat flowers for my Bouquet Collection earrings and necklaces. These negative parts, which I call skeletons, have kept me intrigued and wondering, thinking and contemplating designs.

I grabbed a bunch of the skeletons and rounded them into rings to get things flowing.

What will they become?…






Playscape ~ Brass Skeletons From Alight Collection Designs Gathered for Metal Recycling

Playscape I – Imagine

Playscape I - Imagine

Playscape II – Movement

Playscape II - Movement

Playscape III – Rhythm

Playscape III - Rhythm

Bird Holding Travel Souvenirs ~ Alight Collection Necklaces

Energy <<<<< Elegance >>>>> Endurance

Birds Holding Travel Souvenirs, Alight Collection Necklaces. View at allysonmellone.com