Flower Rings ~ Flowing Into Creative Connections

For months I’ve been collecting the negative part of the flower cutouts that I sawed from sterling silver sheets to make the flat flowers for my Bouquet Collection earrings and necklaces. These negative parts, which I call skeletons, have kept me intrigued and wondering, thinking and contemplating designs.

I grabbed a bunch of the skeletons and rounded them into rings to get things flowing.

What will they become?…






In Bloom ~ Corelyn Earrings


Corelyn Earrings | View at allysonmellone.com

These are showy flower earrings full of beautiful textures.  They are hand cut to a shape that is daisy-like and have a feathery texture for a vintage, yet modern flare.  These earrings are part of the Bouquet Collection.  Come by and view the collection here.






Ear Adornments

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

 – Coco Chanel


Ear Ornaments 2

The spirit is graceful, tasteful, sophisticated, classic, chic, smart, and fashionable.  For your ears.  Styles are available at my shop: allysonmellone.com and at allysonmellone.etsy.com.


NEW Bouquet Earrings

Bouquet Earrings, Allyson Mellone

This is my newest collection of earrings.  Inspired by the beauty of wildflowers.

I’ve taken opposite style movements, that of the 1960s and Victorian, and created a design essence for the collection that is rich in texture, elegant, and bohemian in spirit.

These earrings are handcrafted out of raw material in my tiny studio in New York City.  Each earring has a life story “Life as a Wildflower,” you can view on each product page.  They wear comfortably on your ears for your everyday, and are made to be jewelry cherished for life.

You can view the collection here.

Wildflower Ami: Maxi and Ane Earrings (for Bouquet Collection arriving at the end of November)

Second set of earrings.

Wild friends, Maxi and Ane, are put together in this earring ensemble to create an elegant-craft aesthetic.  The look is old world Victorian charm combined with onyx and jasper stones for a touch of 1960’s modish.  Set in sterling silver, these earrings have beautiful textures.  I’ve tried to magnify them for you in the images below.

Maxi Flowers (bottom) are named after the Sunflower, Heliantbus annuus.

Ane Flowers (top) are named after the Rue Anemone, Thalictrum thalictroides.  

Wildflower Ami: Maxi with Ane Earrings

Wildflower Ami: Maxi with Ane Earrings

Maxi Image4

Wildflower Ami: Maxi with Ane Earrings

Wildflower Ami: Maxi with Ane Earrings