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Reaching for more design options to construct necklaces using scrap cutouts. While the drawing is a preliminary idea, the abstract foliage pieces soldered onto sterling silver disks and the loose tiny flowers are inspired by Matisse’s paper cutouts.  The layout is for a necklace that will be heading to my bench this week for fabrication.

Wildflower Ami: Maxi and Ane Earrings (for Bouquet Collection arriving at the end of November)

Second set of earrings.

Wild friends, Maxi and Ane, are put together in this earring ensemble to create an elegant-craft aesthetic.  The look is old world Victorian charm combined with onyx and jasper stones for a touch of 1960’s modish.  Set in sterling silver, these earrings have beautiful textures.  I’ve tried to magnify them for you in the images below.

Maxi Flowers (bottom) are named after the Sunflower, Heliantbus annuus.

Ane Flowers (top) are named after the Rue Anemone, Thalictrum thalictroides.  

Wildflower Ami: Maxi with Ane Earrings

Wildflower Ami: Maxi with Ane Earrings

Maxi Image4

Wildflower Ami: Maxi with Ane Earrings

Wildflower Ami: Maxi with Ane Earrings

Flower Melody: Suntine Earrings Bouquet (named after the Sunflower, Heliantbus annuus, for Bouquet Collection arriving end of November)

I’m creating a beautiful textural collection called Bouquet Collection: Life of a Wildflower.  Each part of the collection (earrings, necklaces, and bracelets) will be introduced in the coming months.  The earrings will be in November with the necklaces and bracelets following during the cold winter months to keep you inspired.

Bouquet Collection is inspired by wildflowers, Victorian seed bead jewelry, and the diverse trends of the 1960s (a decade that broke a lot of fashion traditions).  I’ve merged these inspirations together and assembled each part using my metalsmithing techniques, that is all handcrafting, to create the imperfect elegance I call Modern Day Grace.

The subtitle of the collection, Life of a Wildflower, will tell a short story of each flower’s life 🙂

I’ll be highlighting the earrings as I complete them.

Below is the first set, Suntine Earrings, in sterling silver with garnet and black onyx centers.

Suntine Flower Earrings

Sunetine Flower Earrings