Chorus Line ~ NEW Forget-Me-Not Earrings

Inspired by Victorian Jewelry, 1960’s Glamour, and Wildflowers





Forget-Me-Not Earrings convey references of love

Made of sterling silver, each earring is carefully hand shaped into a flower, then set with a flower knot made of seed beads. In the middle of the flower knot is a tiny aqua marine bead to remind one of free love, calm and trust. At the bottom is a moonstone drop to help nourish your day’s journey.

These earrings are elegant and dainty. They fall 1-1/4″ long x 1/2″ wide on your ears and are comfortably light weight for your day.  Available at my Etsy Shop.


Flower Melody: Suntine Earrings Bouquet (named after the Sunflower, Heliantbus annuus, for Bouquet Collection arriving end of November)

I’m creating a beautiful textural collection called Bouquet Collection: Life of a Wildflower.  Each part of the collection (earrings, necklaces, and bracelets) will be introduced in the coming months.  The earrings will be in November with the necklaces and bracelets following during the cold winter months to keep you inspired.

Bouquet Collection is inspired by wildflowers, Victorian seed bead jewelry, and the diverse trends of the 1960s (a decade that broke a lot of fashion traditions).  I’ve merged these inspirations together and assembled each part using my metalsmithing techniques, that is all handcrafting, to create the imperfect elegance I call Modern Day Grace.

The subtitle of the collection, Life of a Wildflower, will tell a short story of each flower’s life 🙂

I’ll be highlighting the earrings as I complete them.

Below is the first set, Suntine Earrings, in sterling silver with garnet and black onyx centers.

Suntine Flower Earrings

Sunetine Flower Earrings

Traveling Bird With Foraged Treasures ~ Alight Collection Necklace

Inspired by a life long desire for discovery and travel.

Hand cut brass bird carries foraged treasures: a vintage red rhinestone; a white vintage flower made of plastic and set in a handmade brass frame; and a 1950’s faceted crystal drop.

Traveling Bird With Foraged Treasures Traveling Bird With Foraged Treasures Traveling Bird With Foraged Treasures, Alight Collection Necklace. View at

Playscape ~ Brass Skeletons From Alight Collection Designs Gathered for Metal Recycling

Playscape I – Imagine

Playscape I - Imagine

Playscape II – Movement

Playscape II - Movement

Playscape III – Rhythm

Playscape III - Rhythm

Bird Holding Travel Souvenirs ~ Alight Collection Necklaces

Energy <<<<< Elegance >>>>> Endurance

Birds Holding Travel Souvenirs, Alight Collection Necklaces. View at