Flower Necklace ~ An Exercise in Haute-Reuse


Made from flower skeletons and recycled sterling silver metal pieces.  This necklace was an exercise in creating refinement and beauty using leftover metal from my Bouquet Collection (see post below).  Last year I designed this collection that required hours of hand cutting flowers from sheet metal.  I became inspired by the skeleton pieces that collected in my bench catch, falling at the last cut, into a mountain of shimmering light made by reflections from the curved and jagged edges of the flower skeletons.

Flower Necklace is textured with layers of sterling silver metal, fabricated using age-old metalsmithing techniques of sweat and joint soldering, and sawing.  Each chain link is made from scrap wire, and the clasp is set with a picture jasper cabochon surrounded by black onyx seed bead petals.







Flower Rings ~ Flowing Into Creative Connections

For months I’ve been collecting the negative part of the flower cutouts that I sawed from sterling silver sheets to make the flat flowers for my Bouquet Collection earrings and necklaces. These negative parts, which I call skeletons, have kept me intrigued and wondering, thinking and contemplating designs.

I grabbed a bunch of the skeletons and rounded them into rings to get things flowing.

What will they become?…






Traveling Bird With Foraged Treasures ~ Alight Collection Necklace

Inspired by a life long desire for discovery and travel.

Hand cut brass bird carries foraged treasures: a vintage red rhinestone; a white vintage flower made of plastic and set in a handmade brass frame; and a 1950’s faceted crystal drop.

Traveling Bird With Foraged Treasures Traveling Bird With Foraged Treasures Traveling Bird With Foraged Treasures, Alight Collection Necklace. View at allysonmellone.com

Playscape ~ Brass Skeletons From Alight Collection Designs Gathered for Metal Recycling

Playscape I – Imagine

Playscape I - Imagine

Playscape II – Movement

Playscape II - Movement

Playscape III – Rhythm

Playscape III - Rhythm

Bird Holding Travel Souvenirs ~ Alight Collection Necklaces

Energy <<<<< Elegance >>>>> Endurance

Birds Holding Travel Souvenirs, Alight Collection Necklaces. View at allysonmellone.com