Photo Diary

I find the process of making beautiful. The remnants left on my work table, in my bench catch, and around my soldering station create the soul and history of each jewelry piece I make.

My Photo Diary is my studio archive documenting my process, works in progress, and things that contribute to my inspiration of making.  I will often post compositions of the raw materials left from my design and production processes. These are leftover bits and pieces that become artful visual stories of creation. They fall into their own abstractions in my bench catch, which I transfer to a white sheet of paper and re-position. I then photograph each composition using natural light from my studio window. Click-on each image to see the completed jewelry piece or collection.

I have restrained from writing explanatory texts other than the title so that each viewer can create their own imaginary story :).  There are no categories or searches for my Photo Diary. You can scroll up or down as if you are flipping and browsing through a photo album.

Allyson Mellone Jewelry

Allyson Mellone

Allyson Mellone is the founder of the namesake jewelry brand she created in 2011.

Through the physical age-old processes of forging, fusing, drilling, and wire-wrapping she developed a line of jewelry that reflects an elegance called “modern day grace.” Combining her love of botany and her fascination with vintage, Allyson’s jewelry represents a design essence that combines the intricacy and beauty of nature with the eloquence, femininity, and casualness of the 1960s.

 Made in a tiny studio in New York City, Allyson Mellone jewelry embodies a journey of crafting which uses simple freehand metalsmithing, a little soldering, but no casting. The result sees each elegantly designed piece consist of a textured finish with subtle variations.

 As a New York City jewelry artist Allyson is inspired by the life of nature and the life of a city whose never-ending rhythm and diversity stimulate her imagination every day.

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